Improve Air Quality

Reducing air flow is the key. Our System can reduce air flow by up to 70%.

We can improve the air quality that you breathe inside your house by stopping the flow of allergen, pollutant heavy air in your attic from finding its way into your living space. Our homes are inherently inefficient. They 'breathe' as contractors like to say. "All houses have to breathe" is the mantra we hear all the time. What they are really saying is that the houses LEAK, and they either don't know what to do about it, or choose not to do anything. Leaking homes are dirty homes. Dirty, hot, humid air from attic finds its way into the living space of your house, driven by negative pressure generated by your air-conditioning system. If your return air takes 100% of the air that it needs to function and returns it to the air conditioner in your attic, you would assume that it would return all of this air back to where it came from, but it doesn't. All ducts leak and some leak more than others. Ducts leak anywhere from 5% (in a brand new, well installed HVAC system) to 30 or 40% in older 'hard duct' homes. The average is somewhere in the 20% range. Therefore, if your air conditioner system only returns 80% of air on average that it removes from your living space, you end up 20% short. This air shortage will come from somewhere. What we have found is that it comes from the attic where the air is hot, humid, and full of pollutants and allergens. Call us today and let us come see if we can help reduce some of this contaminated air flow and help you save money on your energy bills while we are at it. Call today or fill out our online in home consult request form. We look forward to hearing from you.